Healthy Green Tips

- Always write on both sides of a piece of paper - Recycle plastic, metal and glass - Don´t drop litter or stick gun under tables - Turn off the computer minitor when you´re not using it - Unplug your mobile phone recharger when your phone is recharged - Don´t leave your TV or CD player on stand by - Walk or ride your bike around town instead of going on car - Do a sport or hobby instead of being always surfing the net -Don´t eat junk or pre-packeged food - Donate your old clothes to a carity shop - Don´t leave taps running when you´re brushing your teeth - Don´t open the windows when the heater or air-conditioner is on. - Carry out a survey to see how "green" your school and home are -Suggest ways your family, teachers and friends can change bad environmental habits
Thank you!
adapted from"British Counsil Green Tips"

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